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Timberwick is a multi-functional non-toxic art making facility in the midst of hundreds of pinon and juniper trees on 3 1/2 acres just 7 miles from the Santa Fe plaza. The 2500 sq ft building includes the efficient Lynn Bernay Memorial Classroom*, a spacious multi purpose press and production studio, and a private guest apartment. It is the perfect setting to experience a true art making retreat. The flexibility of the facility lends itself to a variety of options ranging from fully assisted one on one private sessions to custom made workshops for up to 10 participants.

*Lynn Bernay, 1931-2008, was a dancer, actor, costume designer, writer, teacher, artist, and a vibrant lover of life. She was an accomplished painter, printmaker and mixed-media artist. One of her dreams was to create a retreat for artists and when she found Timberwick it seemed like a dream could become reality. Tragically, however, her life was cut short by a brain tumor and she never experienced the completion of Timberwick.

Timberwick classroom Timberwick classroom Timberwick classroom Timberwick classroom Timberwick classroom Timberwick apartment
Timberwick apartment Timberwick apartment Timberwick studio Timberwick studio Timberwick view Timberwick view

Lynn Bernay Memorial Classroom

The well lit 780 square foot Lynn Bernay Memorial Classroom is designed with flexibility in mind. It is equipped with work tables, glass palettes, a full range of Akua waterbased inks, and a supply of tools for monotype, collage, Solarplate and ImagOn. The space can accommodate a workshop for up to 10 participants, or you can spread out while working in a private or shared assisted session. The bathroom and clean up sinks are conveniently located within the space and the outdoor portal is a great spot to enjoy your lunch break or a fabulous Santa Fe sunset.   

Multi-purpose Studio

With two intaglio presses, 30”x 48” Takach and 38”x 74” Wepplo/Takach hybrid, adjacent to the classroom, this space is the press room for most printmaking programs. There is a 30”x 40” vacuum frame exposure unit, a well-ventilated collage area and plenty of space and tools for a variety of mixed media and construction projects. This 2 story 1180 square foot room also doubles as my own studio.

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Private Guest Apartment

Above the classroom is a spacious one room studio apartment with a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, a double bed and a trundle which can be separated into twin beds. There is a separate dressing area and bathroom with a shower. In addition to baseboard heat a wood burning fireplace adds to the local flavor. There is also Wi-fi access and satellite TV. The outside deck offers the best views on the property. The apartment has a private outdoor entrance as well as direct indoor access to the studios below. The apartment is available to artists who are working in the studios and their guest(s) at the following per night rates:

1 person- $75
2 people- $100
3 people or more $125

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Three by Three

Three by Three is a series of 3 day workshops at Timberwick. These 3 workshops generally spaced about a month apart follow a logical progression; The Monotype Mark, The Repeatable Mark, and The Constructed Mark can all be taken individually for $395 plus paper and tax or as a series of 3 for $1095 plus paper and tax- a savings of $90. These intensive workshops are paired down versions of the 5 day programs. They focus on the essential elements of monotype, Solarplate, ImagOn, and collage/ assemblage.

Fully Assisted Sessions

Nicknamed “Pamper and Production,” private and shared assisted sessions are geared to give you the greatest amount of personal attention and production output. Each full day session is 8 hours of work time plus a lunch break and can be custom made for your particular needs and project. Included are all inks, monotype plates, set up and clean up services, use of tools such as brayers, ink knives, etc. The only supplies you might consider bringing are any personal tools as well as brushes and collage material. You can choose to work as large as my presses can handle and can get involved with Solarplate and/ or ImagOn, digital imagery, as well as mixed media constructions. I will supply a limited amount of ImagOn film but you would need to provide or purchase your own Solarplates. As a Master printer and instructor I can offer assistance and education at whatever level you choose. It can be a total production session or some combination of learning techniques and creating finished works. For 3-4 people I reserve the option to hire an assistant/intern to help with the load. With up to 4 people (5 by special arrangement) it can be geared to whatever needs each person has. For example while one individual is pursuing monotype, another might be interested in learning Solarplate, ImagOn, etc. All the printing during these private or shared assisted sessions will be done by me and /or my assistant. The prices for assisted sessions are as follows:

1 person- $600/ day plus paper and tax
2 people- $400 each/ day plus paper and tax
3 people- $300 each/ day plus paper and tax
4 people- $250 each/ day plus paper and tax
5 people- (assisted by special arrangement)

Please contact me if you are interested in available dates or want to discuss a particular project.

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Custom-made Workshops

Flexibility is the key concept as this option is a way to customize the instruction to fit your and/or your group's particular needs and timeframe. Five or more people are needed to make it work at the price of $125/day/person (plus paper and tax).This program would be handled as a workshop where the theme (though custom made) would apply to all participants. Here the set up and cleanup, as well as the printing, would be done by the participants. Some topics that may be considered are monotype, chine colle, Solarplate, ImagOn, mixed media construction, viscosity printing, and more. Please look at course descriptions for more information about the many workshops available. This option is perfect for a school group or arts organization but it can work for individuals as well. Once I have 2-3 interested participants and a date I will advertise to bring in the required participants to make it a go. Ideally these programs should be 3 or more consecutive days.  

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Ron Pokrasso, the figure in print workshopThe Figure In Print

Here is the opportunity to integrate the inspiration of the figure with the immediacy of the monotype process. Working from the nude model in fully assisted printing sessions you can paint directly on your plate surface. You may choose to work on transparencies to make ImagOn or Solarplates creating repeatable matrices. Maybe you will decide to draw directly on the printmaking paper or use a figure drawing as a chine colle element and then add monotype. The possibilities are numerous.

The Figure In Print meets once/month on the last Thursday. Each session is 9-5 with a one hour lunch break. The cost is $175/day plus paper, tax, and the shared cost of a model. These sessions are limited to 6 participants. As a Master Printer and instructor I can offer assistance and education in whatever aspects of the process you choose and all levels of experience are welcome. Please contact me to register in advance.

(In all cases additional fees for materials may apply for Solarplates, ImagOn, digital prints or transparencies, and construction materials.)

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